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We stock a wide variety of eyeglass frames for men, women, teens, and children. Furthermore they are available in a number of styles from trendy designer frames to more traditional and conservative styles. Our optical staff is very adept at matching your facial features with the best frames available. 

Although putting fashion first can break the bank, we do our best to help you choose a style of eyeglass frames that matches your budget and gives you confidence. 

We carry many of the top designer frames and fashion forward frames in the industry. As a result we carry brands such as Ray-Ban©Dolce & Gabbana©, Tory Burch©Vera Wang©, and Kate Spade© just to name a few!

What is Your Face Shape?

Picking the perfect eyeglass frames for your face shape can be challenging. For some of us, glasses are necessary for our vision, others just for fashion, but when you’ve tried on numerous pairs and can’t figure out which ones look best, it can be frustrating. Although knowing your face shape is helpful when choosing a pair of eyeglasses; whether round, square, heart, or oval shaped, the providers at The Eyeglass Place offer some tips to help pick the best eyewear for you. Additionally  we want you to want to make sure that your frames not only fit you and feel good, we want to make sure they LOOK GOOD on you too.

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